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The Secret of Veda



Sri Aurobindo Birth Century Library: Set in  30  volumes.- Vol. 10

Sri Aurobindo. The Secret of the Veda.– Third edition 1971.– Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1993.– ISBN 81-7058-191-5; ISBN 81-7058-192-3


The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo: set in  37  volumes. Vol. 15

Sri Aurobindo. The Secret of the Veda with Selected Hymns // The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo: Set in 37 volumes.–  Volume 15.– Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1998.– 604 p.


Sri Aurobindo Birth Century Library
Set in  30  volumes
Volume 10




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Part One. The Secret of the Veda

I. The Problem and Its Solution

II. A Retrospect of Vedic Theory

III. Modern Theories

IV. The Foundations of the Psychological Theory

V. The Philological Method of the Veda

VI. Agni and the Truth

VII. Varuna-Mitra and the Truth

VIII. The Ashwins – Indra – the Vishwadevas

IX. Saraswati and Her Consorts

X. The Image of the Oceans and the Rivers

XI. The Seven Rivers

XII. The Herds of the Dawn

XIII. Dawn and the Truth

XIV. The Cow and the Angiras Legend

XV. The Lost Sun and the Lost Cows

XVI. The Angiras Rishis

XVII. The Seven-Headed Thought, Swar and the Dashagwas

XVIII. The Human Fathers

XIX. The Victory of the Fathers

XX. The Hound of Heaven

XXI. The Sons of Darkness

XXII. The Conquest over the Dasyus

XXIII. Summary of Conclusions

Part Two. Selected Hymns

I. The Colloquy of Indra and Agastya [1.170]

II. Indra, Giver of Light [1.4]

III. Indra and the Thought-Forces [1.171]

IV. Agni, the Illumined Will [1.77]

V. Surya Savitri, Creator and Increaser [5.81]

VI. The Divine Dawn [3.61]

VII. To Bhaga Savitri, the Enjoyer [5.82]

VIII. Vayu, the Master of the Life Energies [4.48]

IX. Brihaspati, Power of the Soul [4.50]

X. The Ashwins, Lords of Bliss [4.45]

XI. The Ribhus, Artisans of Immortality [1.20]

XII. Vishnu, the All-Pervading Godhead [1.154]

XIII. Soma, Lord of Delight and Immortality [9.83]

Part Three. Hymns of the Atris


Hymns to Agni

Agni, the Divine Will-Force

The First Hymn to Agni [5.1]

The Second Hymn to Agni [5.2]

The Third Hymn to Agni [5.3]

The Fourth Hymn to Agni [5.4]

The Fifth Hymn to Agni [5.5]

The Sixth Hymn to Agni [5.6]

The Seventh Hymn to Agni [5.7]

The Eighth Hymn to Agni [5.8]

The Ninth Hymn to Agni [5.9]

The Tenth Hymn to Agni [5.10]

The Eleventh Hymn to Agni [5.11]

The Twelfth Hymn to Agni [5.12]

The Thirteenth Hymn to Agni [5.13]

The Fourteenth Hymn to Agni [5.14]

The Fifteenth Hymn to Agni [5.15]

The Sixteenth Hymn to Agni [5.16]

The Seventeenth Hymn to Agni [5.17]

The Eighteenth Hymn to Agni [5.18]

The Nineteenth Hymn to Agni [5.19]

The Twentieth Hymn to Agni [5.20]

The Twenty-First Hymn to Agni [5.21]

The Twenty-Second Hymn to Agni [5.22]

The Twenty-Third Hymn to Agni [5.23]

The Twenty-Fourth Hymn to Agni [5.24]

The Twenty-Fifth Hymn to Agni [5.25]

The Twenty-Sixth Hymn to Agni [5.26]

The Twenty-Seventh Hymn to Agni [5.27]

The Twenty-Eighth Hymn to Agni [5.28]

Hymns to the Lords of Light

The Guardians of the Light

The First Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.62]

The Second Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.63]

The Third Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.64]

The Fourth Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.65]

The Fifth Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.66]

The Sixth Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.67]

The Seventh Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.68]

The Eighth Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.69]

The Ninth Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.70]

The Tenth Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.71]

The Eleventh Hymn to Mitra-Varuna [5.72]

Part Four. Other Hymns

Hymn in Praise of Indra [1.5]

Hymn to Indra [1.7]

Hymn to Indra [1.8]

Hymn to Indra [1.9]

Hymn to Indra [1.10]

Hymn to Indra [1.11]

Hymn to Indra [8.54]

Hymn to Indra [10.54]

A Vedic Hymn [1.3]

From a Vedic Hymn [1.15]

Hymn to Brahmanaspati [1.18]

The First Hymn to the Dawn [5.79]

The Second Hymn to the Dawn [5.80]

A Hymn to Savitri [5.81]

Hymn to Varuna [5.85]

A Vedic Hymn [7.60]

The God of the Mystic Wine [9.42, 9.75]

A Hymn of the Thought-Gods [5.52-58]

Interpretation of the Veda

The Origins of Aryan Speech


Note on the Texts