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The Mother


Volume 7

December 28, 1966

Regarding a sick disciple:

She's leaving for Hong Kong for three months.

Three months!

“The doctor's orders.”

But Hong Kong isn't going to set her back on her feet!

The doctor said something much worse than that, he said, “If she returns to Pondicherry before spending at least two months in a cool climate” (and Hong Kong isn't cool!), “she will be incurably ill, her liver will never be cured.” So faced with such a suggestion, I said, “I am not taking any responsibility: go and get your suggestion cured in Hong Kong!”

They are terrible.

And they said she was dying and they “saved” her, but that she would start dying again if she came back here.... They wrote all this to me (it's the husband who wrote; as for her, she was preparing to come back here). I said, “I don't want to take the responsibility, the suggestion is too strong, let her go and get the suggestion cured in Hong Kong.”

It's the suggestion that has to be cured!

Yes, that's right! (Mother laughs)

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