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The Mother


Volume 7

December 14, 1966

... On the 16th, Friday, I have eighty-five people to see!... It's a miracle if I am not in a complete daze.

Yes, you lead an impossible life.

Oh, day and night.

I couldn't put up with your life for a minute.

(Mother laughs) Starting from 8 in the morning, this place is frightful. And they're not content! They want more.

Even humanly it's not possible.

Oh, I can guarantee it's humanly impossible. I know what it is, I have constantly to... to disappear into the Supreme. Otherwise, it's not possible. The physical personality constantly, constantly goes away like this (gesture upward) so He alone may be there. Otherwise I couldn't hold out.

Fortunately, they [the people Mother will see tomorrow] come to receive, so that somewhat lessens the... (smiling) the kind gift of all their difficulties (but they leave enough of them behind!). They come with the idea of receiving the force, so I am naturally active (gesture of a link between above and below), and that's better, much better. With those who really come with the idea that they are going to receive and be strengthened, it makes the work easier.

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