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The Mother


Volume 7

November 12, 1966

Yesterday was Kali puja,1 and in English I would say, She has been outspoken. In the afternoon, she expressed... (laughing) her “view of things.”

She was displeased?

(Mother nods her head) And it was amusing, because it wasn't just here, it wasn't just the earth, but it was a displeasure even at the way of acting of Nature's forces.... See this irony: yesterday morning I got a telegram – an S.O.S. from Bihar, telling me that they have no drinking water, they are in a dreadful condition of drought and deprivation, and calling for help. At the same time, here the waters are rising again and there is a threat of flood! The irony of it is ridiculous. Thereupon she began saying her “view of things.” She said rather amusing things (it was in the afternoon).

Then, when she had left, I started laughing and I said, “Don't worry! I, for one, am laughing.” (Mother laughs) So hearts were comforted.

What did she say?

She got angry, she told me, “Disorder, incoherence, lack of organization,” and so on.

What will have to happen in the world to get some order in things?

That's just the question.... No, she put it the other way around: “What will have to happen to YOU people so you start wanting to be conscious? How much (gesture of hammering) will you need to...”


But I found it particularly ironic: in the morning they had just told me, “The flood is starting up again, the stream is rising”; then a telegram: “We're dying of thirst, everything has dried up”!

Quite symbolic.

Yes, disorder – lack of equilibrium.


1 Kali represents the warrior aspect of the universal Mother. Ceremonies in honor of her take place every year around this time.









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