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The Mother


Volume 7

October 12, 1966

(After a meditation with Mother)

Even now, as soon as I remain quiet with you when you are here, there is always a sort of limitless immensity, with such a pure, tranquil light.... And it's white, but a white that might have some blue in it, but so pale that it's white. Théon gave a name to this region (he had special names for all those regions), I don't remember, but above it, there were only the regions he called “pathetism” (quite a barbarous name), which were regions belonging to the unmanifested divine Love. I myself experienced the passage through all these regions, and this one [the region of white light in which the meditation took place] was the very last belonging to the light... I don't recall, he used to put together all the regions of light, and then, beyond them, the regions... basically, they were regions of divine Love, but unmanifested, that is to say, not manifested as it is on earth. Those were the last regions before reaching the Supreme. And this one [in the meditation] was the last one belonging to the essence of light, that is, Knowledge. And it is... oh, there's such peace, such tranquillity and such LIMPIDITY in it – especially that sense of limpidity and transparency. A tranquillity that's more than peace, but it isn't inert immobility, I don't know how to express it. It absolutely gives the sense of a vibration of extreme intensity, but ab-so-lute-ly tranquil, tranquil, luminous, without... almost with a sense of motionlessness. And so limpid, so transparent!

Whenever I remain outside action like that and you are here, that's always what comes, always. Last time also, when I saw those two curves of your being – the curve of the past and the curve of the future meeting on your birthday – well, it was again in this light.

But today... And limitless, you know, outside time, outside space – magnificent! The great, great repose. And when you are here, it's always like that. That must be where you draw your inspiration from. It must be from there. It's good! (Mother laughs) And very pleasant, I don't know how to explain. Very pleasant. And absolutely silent, but conscious, very conscious, and in perfect tranquillity – light, light, light, nothing but that: the essence of light.

The ascending curve went beyond that, into those regions Théon had given that barbarous name of “pathetism.” When one went beyond and entered those regions, then there was... it was the Supreme outside the creation, beyond the creation. That's where I saw the representative form of the new creation (and that was before I ever heard anything about Sri Aurobindo and the Supermind), that's where I saw the form that must succeed the human form, like the symbolic representation of the new creation. That was two or three years before I heard of Sri Aurobindo and met him. So when he told me about the supramental creation, I said to him (laughing), “But of course, I know, I saw it up there!”

No one had told me anything. It's only when I went to Tlemcen that Madame Théon told me what it was. She knew how to go through all the states of being, from one to the next, and on to the next... leaving the body corresponding to each state of being in its region and moving beyond. So then, quite spontaneously and naturally, I learned to do it. And I did it there, that's how I saw this prototype, all the way up, all the way up.

Théon's teaching wasn't at all metaphysical and intellectual: everything was expressed in a sort of pictorial objectification; and as I said the other day about that vision [of the “birds”], it's a richer expression, less limited than the purely intellectual and metaphysical expression. It's more alive.

And that's pleasant – I like meditating with you. It's not “meditating,” it's a silent and very pleasant contemplation-concentration. That's why, when you are here, I sit without uttering a word!

But you lose the sense of time altogether.

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