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The Mother


Volume 7

August 27, 1966

(Mother shows the text of a note she has written for the disciples:)

“Every time you act under the impulse of Falsehood, it acts as a blow on my body.”

*   *

Do you have anything to say?

No, you are the one who must say.

No. I always make a resolve not to speak.


Because it waters down the experience.

This is also words (Mother shows the stack of “Questions and Answers” for the next Bulletin).

Yes, but...

We live in words.

Well, yes, it can't be helped!

It's unfortunate.

Until the world is made differently...

No, one can't think without words, but one can know without words. The phenomena of consciousness that aren't expressed in words are ALWAYS of a much higher quality, much higher.

Yes, but to convey them to others, you have to use words.

Yes, that's the trouble! If only I could make them receive my answer without writing words, it would be really precious, it would save a lot of time. But not one in a thousand receives like that. Some do receive, but very few.

*   *

(Mother picks up a letter on her table)

What does he write?

[Satprem reads an endless letter:] He asks, “Should I sell my car for less than 35,000 rupees? Can I consult ‘I Ching’ and go deeper into its study?...”

Consult what?

“I Ching.” I don't know, it's a Chinese name.

Ah, yes, they're all hooked on that. It's a book in which you find an answer to any question. But naturally, you bend all the words you read to your thought.

But can you see that! I have a stack of letters like this one, there isn't even one or two truly asking something that I alone can answer. In fact, that's the point, they should only ask me things I alone can answer. Otherwise, what's the use?... And what they want is this: they want to hide behind my answer and be able to say, “Ah, but you told me that...” “Should I go and see the doctor? Should I have an operation? Should I accept this job I am offered? Should I start a new business? Should I marry this person?...” And behind it all, if anything goes wrong, there is, “But you told me that...”

He can consult the Chinese – but the Chinese will only tell him what's in his own head! They'll arrange the sentences so as to read what's in their heads!

Listen, mon petit, maybe we should try to find some way.... What can we do? I have work that we can do together, a lot of it. I have been thinking of it these last few days, there are lots of things to do. But we don't have the time – as it is, it's no use, we just have time to chat a little, that's all, nothing more.


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