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The Mother


Volume 7

August 19, 1966

(Mother resumes her translation of the debate with Death.)

Think not to plant on earth the living Truth

That's just what I am doing, Sir.

(turning to Satprem with a smile)

Do you think he hears me?

Think not to plant on earth the living Truth

Or make of Matter's world the home of God;

Truth comes not there but only the thought of Truth,

God is not there but only the name of God.


(Mother remains pensive)

Basically, according to Sri Aurobindo, materialistic thought is the gospel of death. No?

It's very interesting.


That's basically the point. We say Savitri is an “epic”; so Savitri is the epic of the victory over death.


Very interesting. Because once again, all these last few days I have lived almost minute after minute all those things [we've just read], but on a large scale: not on a personal but on a terrestrial scale.

This last line, this argument, it was so concrete: “No, it's not God, it's only his name” – that was yesterday or the day before, not earlier. And then... (Mother recalls her experience)... Strangely, the victories over these arguments have the same character of bursts as did those bursts of Love I lived up above – the same character – and they shatter the resistance. And the something that bursts forth is Love – true Love.

It's very interesting.

And from everywhere, but everywhere, the opposition, the resistance is rising up; and the more it rises up, the more imperative That is.

But at such times one feels how precarious the equilibrium of material life is.... Oh, it's very, very interesting. When I am able to say all this, it will be worthwhile.

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