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The Mother


Volume 7

June 4, 1966

How are things? – They should be better.


Because I think (“I think” is a manner of speaking)... I told you the other day about that awesome force; well, I think it's having some effect all the same.

It has changed something in the atmosphere, it's not so oppressive, is it? I told you the difference in the position; well, it's as if something had really been reversed. So it should have effect on everybody (?)

And I keep on writing endless pages! Yes, of your book. It's quite new. (Besides, once I am awake I no longer concern myself with it at all.) I spend part of my night like that, not writing with my own hand but dictating. While I do it I find it enjoyable, but not enjoyable enough for me to remember what I wrote. Stories!... I appear to have much imagination. But when I read it, it gives me the impression of something I saw or lived.

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