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The Mother


Volume 7

May 7, 1966

(Regarding a flower which Mother has called “Power of material healing”:)

Oh, how I would like it to be true: when I put my hands here, like this (Mother lays her hands on Satprem's shoulders), it would heal!

Because I feel such force in these hands! Such CONSCIOUS force – conscious, you understand: it's vibrant with consciousness, light and force. It should heal.

It heals me. If I have a pain or something wrong, I put my hand here or there, and it goes away in the space of a minute or two. So why shouldn't it heal others!

Maybe because nobody would be ill anymore! (Mother laughs)

In fact, that's right. We speak of the supramental world, but it's simply a world in which truth would be true. That's all, it's simple.

Quite so.

*   *

(Soon afterwards, Satprem sorts old conversations:)

Are they old ones?

From 1964.

Centuries ago.

But it's very full and living.


Yes, the day when we can link it all together, it will really mark out the whole path of the supramental yoga; it's very clear when one looks at it from a distance. And one understands. There are lots of things that I now understand better.... My idea is to go over it all again one day and to condense it or extract the essence in order to mark out your path.

It would be better to wait till we've reached the end, wouldn't it?

I'm not going to do that now, but it will have to be done.... No, no, it's full of meaning, it's not “old”!

Some things are growing clearer and clearer, so when they are clear, we'll be able to...

Yes, but many things you said, which were as if sketchy or stammering, as if shapeless, now that I see them from a distance and along with what you said afterwards, they suddenly take on a meaning, they are full of meaning.

I know that.

That's why even when it's in an “incomplete” stage, it's good.

For instance, there are passages I wrote in those Prayers and Meditations, some of which have been published – passages I wrote in Japan, and when I wrote them, I didn't at all know what they meant. For a very long time I didn't know. And very recently, one of those things that had always remained mysterious cleared up, I said, “There! It's crystal clear, that's what it means.”

In other words, a prophetic little spirit without knowing it!

Oh, it's better not to have any pretension, you know. There's nothing more silly than... I see people who pontificate and prophesy, oh! No, no, no. It's better to BE the thing without knowing it than to pretend to be it.

That's why I heartily detest publicity.

Let's see Savitri (Mother takes her notebook).

Savitri is full of wonders, oh, how true!

What is it about?

It's still Death speaking.

Oh, he's going on – “he” is going on: I don't want it to be a “she”! (Mother laughs) In French it's a mistake (laughing): it's a “he.”1


1 The French word for death, mort, is feminine.









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