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The Mother


Volume 7

April 16, 1966

(Mother shows Satprem a note she has entitled “The rungs of Love”)

The last “rung” is the absolutely pure Thing. And the power... the creative and transforming power of that Vibration is unimaginable! While you are living it, nothing is impossible. It's unimaginable.

At first one loves only when one is loved....

That's the usual state of human beings. Someone's vibration of love has to come to awaken love, otherwise they are inert.

Next one loves spontaneously...

That's already a slightly more evolved humanity. One feels love all of a sudden; one meets someone or something – ah! – and it comes. Only...

... but one wants to be loved in return.

One very much wants to be loved in return!

Further on, one loves even if one is not loved...

Those are generally people who have reached a fairly advanced yogic state.

... but one still wants one's love to be accepted.

Yes, that's an experience I personally had. There is a time when one is quite capable of loving without response, one is above the need to be loved, but one still has... not positively a need, but, at least, a wish that one's love may be felt and be effective.

Afterwards, it makes one smile.

And finally one loves purely and simply without any other need or joy than that of loving.

That, to me, according to my personal experience, is really omnipotence.

It's a power than can achieve anything – anything at all. Nothing is impossible to it.

But I have also carefully observed that if “that” manifested indiscriminately, as it were, if it came as something that imposed itself in the earth atmosphere without control or discernment, it would be... All that denies that Power (denies it wittingly or unwittingly) would be as though annulled. So the outward, apparent consequences would be... too awesome. That's what Sri Aurobindo wrote; he said Knowledge must come first. Truth must reign before Love can manifest massively – a wholesale manifestation.

Now it's filtered, as it were. It is still filtered.

But the vibratory quality of “that” is truly something beyond all imagination. Diseases, difficulties... none of it has any reality.

The body constantly used to ask (not a sign or an assurance or a proof: it's all of that together), it used to ask for a sort of sensation (sensation, if it can be called that) that “it is the Lord that rules” (I am putting it in childlike words because they are the truest), that it is the Lord that rules. It asked for “that” all the time, the way a child could ask: “that” in all the innumerable nothings one does all the time, which are the very fabric of the body's existence. It became so intense.... Anything perceived as separate from “that” becomes inert: ashes. Inert without even the power of inertia: the inertia of dust. I mean that a rock has a power in its existence, a power of cohesion, of duration – it's not even that: it's dust. So then, there was constantly, constantly that prayer in the body. And that's what led me to the experience.

When “that” is there, everything seems to swell with a golden, luminous, radiating Power: it's so intense as to have volume!... If that isn't there, everything is dust.

So, naturally, there is constantly in all the cells the aspiration, the intense will for there to remain nothing but That.

And all that denies That or counters It, weakens It or dims It, becomes painful. Yes, painful – not painful with a moral or psychological or material suffering... it's a strange thing, it's not a physical pain: it's a pain which is more material than physical, it is... a sort of suffocation.

The body now really has an impression (it's an impression, not a knowledge – it's not a thought, not a knowledge: it's an impression, but a strong one) that this is what kills, this is what makes you die: this sort of refusal of the Vibration – not always even a willed refusal, because it's not even conscious the way will is (that happens, but then it means battle), but it's in Matter. One wonders if there isn't a residue – a residue of dust – that's incapable of any receptivity? I don't know.

I don't know.

But at any rate, there is a certain state, which seems to me to be the ordinary state human beings live in... it's suffocating.


So I wrote this note just like that, without any intention. Then, as soon as it was written, the Command came that it had to be published. I said to myself, “Very well, it will be for August.” – “No, NOW.” So I had a page added in the next Bulletin.

Why? I don't know. Maybe to prepare the atmosphere.

*   *

(Mother translates a line of “Savitri” without hesitation, then comments:)

You read here [in the physical book], then you keep still, open a door, and it comes.

It's amusing, I've just done that as if I had been made to do it. Usually it's always blank and still here (gesture to the forehead), and that's what it gets inscribed on; but just now it wasn't like that: I read, it came here, then I made a movement backwards: a door opened, and then it was clearly written!

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