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The Mother


Volume 7

February 23, 1966

(Regarding the Talk of April 14, 1951, in which Mother tells the story of two young men who met with accidents and used a cat as a vital support to inform Mother of their death.)

Charles de F.! That's it, I remember, he was the son of an ambassador of France (to Austria, I think). He was sublieutenant. With his company he went out to attack a trench, and they all died. It was a massacre.

But there is a sequel to the story.... He came afterwards. Once he was formed again, he came; he stayed near me and told me, “I have come because it was my desire and intention to go to India with you, and I want to accomplish it.” And he came with me; when I left for India (the second time), he came with me. And long after my return – long after, when Pavitra came here – one night, I suddenly saw F. and Pavitra embracing each other! Just like that. Then F. entered him. And the interesting thing is that Pavitra had no liking for poetry and very little interest in art, and after that boy united with him, he began having a very special understanding of poetry and showing interest in art! He really felt a change in him (I hadn't told him what had happened).

I have seen several such cases, but that one was so clear! So clear, so precise. And without the collaboration of active thought – I wasn't thinking about it at all: one night I saw them like that, Pavitra having come out of his body, and the other leaving... (he was always in repose in my aura), he left my aura, they embraced, and then one entered the other.1

He was quite young, he was twenty-one. It was the first war, the war of the trenches.

The other2 also was a poet, but he was the son of some very good folks (I think they were from the lower middle class, or maybe even peasants, people from the country), very good folks who had made considerable effort to send their son for studies in Paris. He was a very good student. A boy of the same age: about twenty or twenty-one. A fairly good poet, intelligent, and he was especially interested in occultism. But as for him, he wasn't inwardly formed; it was only his vital consciousness that took over the cat.

But strangely, the look of the cat's eyes changed completely.


1 The extremely interesting fact is that a little later Mother will see the same phenomenon (of this “dead person” uniting with Pavitra) anew, with the consciousness of the cells, and that new vision of the body will bring out details that had escaped Mother's occult vision, as if the body alone could see accurately what is “on the other side.”


2 That one did not die in the war but was murdered in Paris. He used to take part in gatherings of the small group of occultism that Mother looked after in Paris.









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