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The Mother


Volume 7

February 16, 1966

About Satprem's mother:

...It's not a miracle that you are your mother's son: it's natural (!) It means many things.... It means a good atavism. It means that the journey here did not multiply difficulties, on the contrary.

As for me, I chose my parents ([laughing] don't go about repeating what I am saying!), I chose my parents in order to have a solid physical base, because I knew that the work I had to do was “very very difficult” and a solid base was needed. From that point of view I succeeded. But then, there were difficulties... It doesn't matter, because from the physical point of view, it was good. But with you, it's not just that: it's psychically, you understand – she is your mother psychically, too. So it's very good.

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