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The Mother


Volume 1

December 2, 1960

(After meditating together)

A sort of unification is taking place [in you], as if you had become a more uniform whole within-without. I don't know how to explain this – it feels more unified, more organized – uniform. Not some parts more developed and others less so, some more luminous and others less so; it's much more uniform, and uniform even in the vibration, a kind of... really a uniformity in all its movements, responses, vibrations, light. And this kind of powdering of the new light which I see is much more widespread. It's as if everything, everything... what is happening is really a work of unifying – stabilizing, unifying. And this powdering of golden light has completely enveloped you, with this same blue light in your japa, with different intensities of power – both are there. Like a unifying of the consciousness, as if all the less receptive elements were starting to open, thereby creating a much more homogeneous whole. I don't know how your nights are, but...

Not very conscious.

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