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The Mother


Volume 1

October 15, 1960

I see Z every day, yet he asked me, “Why do you do nothing for me?”!! “Each time you come here,” I told him, “I am NECESSARILY doing something for you, it cannot be otherwise!” But since it's just a part of his work,1 it doesn't count!

Of course, I don't say, “All right, now let's meditate!...” So on his birthday I'll have to sit down and tell him, “Now we are going to meditate” – that way he'll feel sure. What childishness!

It's so funny – the thing in itself doesn't exist for people. What's important to them is their attitude towards the thing, what they think of it. How odd!

Each thing carries within itself its own truth – its absolute truth, so luminous and so clear. And if you are in contact with THAT, then everything falls into place so wonderfully; but men are NOT in contact with that, they are always in contact through their thought: what they think of something, what they feel about something, the meaning they attach to it (or sometimes it's worse) – but the highest they go is always the thought they have of it. That's what creates all this mixture and all this disorder – things in themselves are very good, and then they get confused.


1 Z's work involved seeing Mother everyday to watch over her health and her food.








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