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The Mother


Volume 1

September 24, 1960

Imagine! I thought I had lost my hearing. But I just realized that when I don't hear... it's because I'm elsewhere.

Just now, I concentrated a little and tuned into your voice. And not one word escaped me! It became clear, absolutely clear.

Normally I'm not there. And some people I hear, others I don't hear. But I hadn't imagined that it depended on this – I thought I had lost my hearing. But just now I stopped everything, absolutely everything, I concentrated and tuned in – it became so clear!

Basically, it must be the same for my eyes. Sometimes I see wonderfully, and sometimes it's blurred. It must be for the same reason... I probably have to learn to concentrate!

Yes, laugh if you want – what I mean is concentrate on what I'm doing. Not concentrate within... Precisely, I'm rather too concentrated!

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