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The Mother


Volume 1

May 6, 1960

At times I sense there's an extraordinary secret to discover, just there at my finger tips; I feel that I am going to catch the Thing, to know...

Sometimes, for a second, I see the Secret; there is an opening, and again it closes. Then once again it is unveiled for a second and I come to know a little more. Yesterday the Secret was there, completely clear, wide open. But it's not something that can be explained: words are silly, it must be experienced.

Sri Aurobindo speaks of this Secret almost everywhere, especially in his Essays on the Gita. He tells us that in the Gita itself one gets glimpses of this thing which is beyond the Impersonal, beyond even the Personal behind the Impersonal, beyond the Transcendent.

Well, I saw this Secret – I saw that the Supreme only becomes perfect in terrestrial matter, on earth.

“Becomes” is just a way of speaking, of course, for everything already is, and the Supreme is what He is. But we live in time, in a successive unfoldment, and it would be absurd to say that at present Matter is the expression of a perfect Divine.

I saw this Secret (which is getting more and more perceptible as the Supramental becomes clear), I saw it in the everyday, outer life, precisely in this very physical life which all spirituality rejects... a kind of accuracy or exactitude right down to the atom.

I am not saying that the “Divine” becomes perfect in Matter – the Divine is already there – but that THE SUPREME becomes perfect in Matter.

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