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The Mother


Volume 1

March 7, 1960

(Letter to Mother from Satprem)

Pondicherry, March 7, 1960


Here is the letter from the publisher. All comes from you, all is yours.

May I always serve you.

With love.

Your child,

Signed: Satprem



Paris, March 1, 1960

Dear Satprem,

Publisher and friend are here one in telling you that L'Orpailleur is a beautiful book whose richness and force have struck me even more this time than before when I read the first version. I cannot tell you how much your Job is my brother – in his darkness as in his light. The joy, the wild, irrepressible joy that furtively yearns and at times bursts forth, embracing all, this joy at the heart of the book burns the reader – for a few, in any case, who are prepared to be inflamed. In the end, I can't say if L'Orpailleur will or will not be noticed, if the critics will or will not bestow an article, a comment, an echo upon it, if bookstores will or will not “sell” it (poor orpailleur!). But what I know is that for a few readers – 2, 3, 10 perhaps – your book will be the cry that will rip them from their sleep forever. To your song, another song in themselves will respond. Where, how shall this concert finish? Who knows – anything is possible!

My words are a bit disjointed – but I'm not in the mood to give an articulate discourse. Which is a way of saying, once again, how happy I am – and grateful.

With my warmest regards,

Signed: M.C.

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