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Volume 1

June 8, 1959

(Letter to Mother from Satprem)

Rameswaram, June 8, 1959

Sweet Mother,

Even before receiving your second letter in which you say that the mantra is all right, X told me this morning that he had repeated your mantra during his puja and that it was very good, that there is nothing to be changed: “The vibration is good.”

Here are a few additional indications regarding the forthcoming events.

As I appeared to be doubting, X told me, “There is no ‘suspicioní [doubt], the war will take place in November” (in fact, it is to occur some time between September and November), and for the rest of the talk, he had a tone of absolute certitude: “The first atom bomb will fall in China. Russia will be crushed. It will be a victory for America. Not more than 2 or 3 atom bombs will be used. It will be very quick.” And he repeated that the starting-point of the conflict would be situated in India due to the aggression of Pakistan, then of China.

The earthquake he mentioned promises to be a kind of “pralaya” (as X put it), for not only Bombay will be touched. This is what he said: “America supports Pakistan, but the gods do not support Pakistan, and Pakistan will be punished by the gods. HALF of western Pakistan, including Karachi, will go into the sea. The sea will enter into Rajasthan and touch India also...”

X then said that India would side with America against the Communist bloc (in spite of America's support to Pakistan), and furthermore, that the day India sides with America, America will cease supporting Pakistan. In any case, it will be the end of Pakistan.

After I translated your letter to him, X told me that he would give me more details in two or three days.

I should write you what X has revealed about my last three lives, but I have neither the courage nor the desire to again speak of myself.

Your child,

Signed: Satprem

P.S. X asked me questions about my family. I was prompted to speak to him of my mother (seeing her photo, you had said that you knew her very well, if you recall). He immediately said, “You MUST go and see your mother. You will go in August and quickly come back by plane beginning September!” Of course, I told him that all this seems like the highest fantasy to me, and that to begin with I had no money and would surely not ask you anything for that. He said, “I shall ask my Mother. She will arrange everything.”


(Mother's reply)


Satprem, my dear little one,

I have a world of things to tell you about all I have heard, seen and done concerning you these past days. New doors of understanding have opened – but all these things are impossible to write.

As for the mantra, since two days I am sure about it, and all is well.

I am extremely interested in everything X has revealed to you. But I cannot write about this either.

If X told you to go see your mother in August and return in early September, you must go. We shall manage. My finances are in an almost desperate state, but that cannot last. For what has to be done will be done.


You are constantly with me, and I am following all your inner movements with love and concern.

The great secret is to learn to give oneself...

With all my tenderness.

Signed: Mother

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