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The Mother


Volume 1

Early May 1959

(Letter to Mother from Satprem)


Sweet Mother,

I have just spoken for a few minutes with X. He came out of your room extremely “moved” (in his deep way). “I was standing before Mother and I no longer knew where I was. At the end of fifteen minutes, I found myself there.” And several times, he said, “Great Power, Great Power... An Ocean. She ONLY can understand...” And as I expressed my surprise – for while going to your room, he had told me that he would begin this special “japa” standing before you only tomorrow – he told me, “When I went into Mother's room, I felt the Order come from above, and I began immediately.”

He told me that this japa with you should last 3 days in succession; consequently, that takes care of the question of interviews, as you will be occupied until Wednesday or Thursday. He told me that 10:15 would be better for him (that can also mean 10:20)   because he only finishes the first part of his puja at about 10 o'clock, which is what made us late this morning (he was still “sitting” when I went to fetch him). Furthermore, X is always “unexpected” in his acts, and he has scarcely any notion of time. He told me, “You understand, here I am in the house of Annapurna1 and I am so happy to be able to do my japa and my puja without being disturbed by my family worries. At last, here, I can live for That only. There is a great vibration everywhere.” So he forgets about time.

Your child,

Signed: Satprem

P.S. The divinity invoked in his present pujas is Durga.


1 Annapurna: “She who nourishes the world”, wife of Shiva, one of the aspects of the supreme Mother.








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