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The Mother


Volume 1

March (?) 1959

Letter to Mother from Satprem
concerning the tantric initiation that Mother wished to see X give to two other disciples at the Ashram


Sweet Mother,

I spoke to X about the initiations. He told me that he also had seen only two people (when he said “seen,” I do not think he meant physically). He said that many people would be very eager but rare were those in whom you could have full trust – and perhaps they have reached a stage where it would be difficult for them to submit to the discipline of initiation.

I asked him his feeling about this morning's Darshan. He answered implying, “I have already, in a few seconds, given my feeling to Mother.”

As you also wished to know his feelings about the playground meditation, I asked him. He told me roughly this: that the afternoon's Sanskrit recording1 would be enough to “set things right,” because there is a Power in it that should help the meditations.


X came to my room a little while ago and something happened, I don't know what, but it was still this same force that he pulls from me with such great power. But mostly, I wanted to tell you that when I got up (I was at his feet), he was as handsome as a god, his look was divine, it really came from very high above.

Your child, with love.

Signed: Satprem


1 A Sanskrit text by X which was to be played at the Ashram playground just prior to the collective meditation.








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