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The Mother


Volume 1

March 1959

(Letter to Mother from Satprem)


Sweet Mother,

Just now I have left X; he sent me away from his house a few minutes after my arrival: “I do not like you to stay here NOW.” And he added, “There is hard work.” He was doing a japa1 when I arrived at 5 o'clock.

X seems tired, and the child – who is very sensitive – does not seem well either.

This morning, X told me, “Last night I have been fighting like a lion.” And apparently it is not over, although he just told me, “He [the titan] has gone.” I asked him if the titan was dead, and he told me, “Yes, yes, closed.” – But I think he told me this mainly to avoid my questions, and it contradicts his “There is hard work.”

Then X told me, “He [the titan] has come to me fighting, but did not dare to come too close, and he asked me:

– Why do you give me trouble?

– Because it is my duty.”

That is all on this subject.


I forgot to tell you that this morning, X told me the following: “I would like to come back in Pondicherry after some time, for 15 days or so, and to give initiation to some people here in the Ashram, if Mother permits. Because here, there is need of strong people, some POLICE TO GUARD...” And he added, “There is no confusion (I think he meant ‘opposition’) between my tradition and the Ashram...” Then he added something that meant that the goal pursued was the same. Of course, all this will depend absolutely upon you and your wish (I very clearly perceived from all this that X was speaking as a member of the Ashram who wants to do his best to defend and protect it.)

Your child, with love.

Signed: Satprem


(Mother's reply)


It is likely that X came to grips with the Titan who has been after this body since its birth and who attacks and tries to possess all those who draw near me. This Titan is backed by a very powerful asuric force.

The very small number of those in whom I can have full confidence would not submit to the discipline of initiation. Among the others, those who would accept would very probably do so out of ambition, and that would lead to misadventures even more unpleasant than Z's.


1 Japa: the systematic and more or less continuous repetition of a mantra.








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