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The Mother


Volume 1

March (?) 1959

Letter to Mother from Satprem
concerning X's inquiry into who had practiced black magic on her


Sweet Mother,

I will be seeing you tomorrow, but I prefer to state things clearly now; if you wish, I can read you my letter when we meet. Here is what X told me:

“The message came this morning during the Puja; my guru spoke in the form of Sanskrit slokas and this is not easy to express in English. Normally, I might have waited rather long for the answer, but because of the greatness of the Mother, it came immediately. The message implicated not 7 people, but 25 to 50, all or almost all Gujaratis.” (Here, X said something I am not sure I grasped, but it was to the effect that either his guru did not seem to find it easy or did not feel like giving so many names, but were Mother to insist, it might be possible. I am not sure if I really understood this.) Then the message spoke of a rivalry between the Gujaratis and the Bengalis (to occupy the key positions in the Ashram); I put this in parentheses for it is more an interpretation on my part, what I “felt.” Moreover, X did not exactly use the word “rivalry” – which he probably doesn't know – but rather “confusion between Gujarati and Bengali.” However, the message explicitly implicated the Gujaratis of the “Head-departments.” I then asked X if he meant the heads of departments or the main departments. He answered, “All Gujaratis,” whereupon he caught himself and said, “75% of them.” At this point X told me, “In the Ashram there are few, FEW people on a very high level, and plenty...” without completing his sentence. The message continued, stating explicitly that these Gujaratis are busy making money from Mother (“making collection of money”), while outwardly pretending to be serving the Ashram. Here, I thought I understood that there was a Bengali group which was seeking to overthrow the Gujaratis so that they could manage the business affairs as they please. Such was the substance of the message. I asked X if he could not write down the very concise Sanskrit slokas he had heard. He said yes, then he said that he would see about this after going to his house???

Then, X told me that he was going to do something to straighten all this out and to “turn the mind of those people in the right path. But I cannot do it here, in Pondicherry. About two months will be needed. For two months, I will do a Puja on a special Yantra and when it is finished, I will send Mother this Yantra along with certain manuscripts for the library. Then Mother will have to keep this Yantra beside her to control all these bad elements, and it will help her, her own work.”

I asked X for details on at least those who had paid the magician. He told me he would speak about it tomorrow.

Finally, I read your letter to X. Regarding the globe of light, he at once said, “I know; it is Mother's Shakti, her Power in a concentrated form (he did not use the word ‘concentrated,’ but said ‘collection’). This global, concentrated Shakti came back today; it is a very good sign.” Then he said something that meant it was a sign that “the black Power” was definitely conquered or controlled. (I will speak to you of a strange dream that I had last night, which seems related to this.1) “The Shakti had been dispersed by the black attack, but its Light was too powerful to be really touched. It has come back. Also, I saw from certain physical signs that Mother is better.”

Then X expressed the desire to meditate sitting in front of you and not standing: “You see, this morning I was flying, I was not touching the floor – outside of the body.” So he would be more comfortable sitting. Then he added, “Every day a different action takes place. Mother knows, but I can tell you a little something because you are very close to me, YOU ARE MY HEART (I was deeply touched when he told me that). The first day my guruji was standing there, by my side, with his hand on my shoulder, blessing me. Another day I was growing, growing 10 feet instead of 5, and great, great Power came in me.” This is approximate, I no longer remember exactly how he said it. All I know is that something very powerful came into him and afterwards he needed to rest. He did not elaborate, but only repeated, “Mother knows.”

So that is about all, Sweet Mother.

Each time he comes to see me, he “transmits” something to me: there is a great force trying to go out of me which he seems to be pulling; it tries to climb up through the neck and to go out from the head. I don't know exactly. Something is happening, that is all I know.

With love, I am your child.

Signed: Satprem


1 In this “dream”, we saw a titan in a gigantic airplane that crashed to the ground. However, this titan did not seem to be dead, or at least not completely dead.








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