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The Mother


Volume 1

March (?) 1959

(Letter to Mother from Satprem)


Sweet Mother,

X has just left my house. He began by saying that he had your permission to speak to me about certain things concerning the black forces that attacked you. I asked him why he did not speak to you directly, because surely you would understand better and more than I. He replied in this way: “Several times Mother asked about these black powers, and every time I felt in myself a ‘great confusion.’ There (in your room) it is such a Place, Place of supreme Power, Place of Divinity, and I CANNOT talk about small matters. I CANNOT talk English. I have tried but it disturbs my ‘meditation.’ Thus I have asked Mother permission to talk to you; with you I can talk of these matters.”1 These were almost exactly his words. Sweet Mother, he said this in such a way, there was something so sacred when he spoke of you up in your room, that I felt like prostrating myself at his feet. (Ah, Sweet Mother, how inadequately we approach you!...)

He began his story thus: “This girl in Mother's entourage2 was, while she was alive, attacked by an extremely powerful mantric magician. But the Protection was there, and finally the attack fell back on the mantric, who died from it. He died in a great rage and with a great will for revenge and began circling around the Ashram in the Preta Loka (I believe this corresponds to the vital world) seeking an opportunity to do harm, but there was such a purity, such a divine force that he could do nothing. When this girl died, he attacked her, and the two merged – he absorbed her. Then they continued wandering about the Ashram in search of a physical instrument to gain entry into the Ashram. They found an entryway through the intermediary of certain black-minded people. While doing my Puja, I came to know seven of them. All seven came, drawn by my Yantra.3 Some of them are people who have taken Mother's money and have been collecting money from their duty. I learned this yesterday, and I began a special Puja to turn their mind, put them again on the right path.” (At this point, he said something that meant this would be easy.)


Thereupon, X told me, “That is all. I will tell you more on Friday, after the Puja. The work will be over.”

Here, the conversation on this subject came to an end. On the way back to his house, I said to him, “It would be very useful for Mother to know the names of these people; it would help her own work.” And I suggested to him that he write down the names of the seven people and put them in a sealed envelope.

Thereupon, X began saying “no” rather categorically. But I insisted, mentioning the help it could bring to your work and saying that apart from you, of course, no one would know since the names would be placed in an envelope. Then he said to me, “All right, I shall try tomorrow and ask from the supreme Divinity the name of three of them, the chief ones.”

We did not speak of the living magician who has been paid by a member of the Ashram (undoubtedly one of these 7) to get rid of you. If you like, I will ask him this question another time.


That's all, Sweet Mother. Forgive me for all the times I have come to you with “small matters.”

I pray that you deliver me from my smallness, that you place clearly before my consciousness all these very petty and ugly little things, and that I may always come to you with a wider heart, more capable of seeing you and of loving you better.

Your child,

Signed: Satprem


1 X's words are given in their original English when they appear in italics.

2 A young woman very close to Mother and Sri Aurobindo who did a great deal of harm to Mother. She died a few years after Sri Aurobindo's departure.

3 Yantra: A drawing, generally made up of geometric lines, that serves to invoke or materialize certain forces.








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