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The Mother


Volume 1

November 14, 1958

(Letter to Mother from Satprem)

Pondicherry, November 14, 1958


I feel disguised.1 And I detest hypocrisy – I have many faults, but not that one.

So I believe it would be better for me to leave.

Through my friends in Hyderabad, I can contact some people who are doing business in the forests of the Belgian Congo. I want to go there, alone and far away from everything.

But there is always this wretched question of money. I need it to leave and to pay for the journey. Afterwards, I will manage. Anyway, it is all the same to me; I am not afraid of anything any longer.

It seems to me that the sooner I leave the better, because of this hypocrisy I detest.2

Signed: Satprem


(Mother's reply)

Friday evening, November 14, 1958


One does not cure hypocrisy by pulling down below what is already above – but by lifting upwards what is still down below. To yield to an impulse of revolt is a defeat and a cowardice unworthy of a soul like yours.

Do not flee the difficulty, face it courageously and carry home the victory.

My love is with you.

Signed: Mother


1 Due to the orange robes of the sannyasi.

2 Shortly afterwards, in the last days of November, Satprem would leave the Ashram once again.








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