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The Mother


Volume 1

October 1, 1958

(Mother speaks of an experience She had during the Wednesday class at the playground:)

It was so strong, so strong that it was really inexpressible. The negative experience of no longer being an individual, or in other words, the dissolution of the ego, took place a long time ago and still takes place quite often: the ego completely vanishes. But this was a positive experience of being... not just the universe in its totality, but something else – ineffable, yet concrete, absolutely concrete! Unutterable1 – and yet utterly concrete: the divine Person beyond the Impersonal.

The experience lasted for only a few minutes. And I knew, then, that all our words... all our words are empty. But circumstances were such that I had to speak...


1 Later, Mother added: “Because I do not say everything; when I am in that state, there is a lethargy of expression!”








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