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The Mother


Volume 1

August 29, 1958

(Note written by Mother after an experience She had during a playground meditation when Swami J.J. was present. It was this swami with whom Satprem journeyed in the Himalayas to receive tantric initiation.1)

The mantra written upon each of the souvenirs2 from the Himalayas has a strong power of evoking the Supreme Mother.

At the Thursday evening meditation, he appeared as the “Guru of Tantric Initiation,” magnified and seated upon a symbolic representation of the forces and riches of material Nature (in the middle of the playground, to my left), and he put into my hand something sufficiently material for me to feel the vibrations physically, and it had a great realizing power. It was a kind of luminous and very vibrant globe which I held in my hands during the whole meditation.

S, who was sitting in front of me, spontaneously asked me afterwards what I had been holding in my hands during the meditation, and she described it thus: “It was round, very soft and luminous like the moon.”


1 Satprem would later part company with this Swami and follow a thorough tantric discipline with another guru who will henceforth be called X in the Agenda.

2 The Swami brought back various objects and souvenirs from the Himalayas which he presented to Mother.








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