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The Mother


Volume 1

Undated 1958

For me, the subtle physical is far more real than this distorted world, but to see it you have to be conscious there, whereas people want to get effects which give them the impression of the marvelous and the miraculous and they want the subtle physical to become visible in the material world IN SPITE OF the falsehood. What makes the great difference for the ordinary physical consciousness is this: it wants to come into contact with that in spite of the falsehood, whereas the universal law is, get out of the falsehood and that will become true for you.

For me, this subtle world is far more real than the material world – much truer, much more tangible, concrete, real – but for others in this material world to believe in the subtle worlds, either they must have some beginning of experience, or else they must agree to have confidence and say, “All right, they say it's like that, therefore it must be like that.” Otherwise, to be convinced, they want the truth to manifest in a world of falsehood in spite of the falsehood. Their attitude is like this: “We are willing to admit that it is possible, that it is real, but as long as it has not manifested here, we do not quite believe in it.”

Are you referring to the supramental world?

It applies to everything: every true thing in the world, including all the fairytale miracles. Things that appear miraculous to the physical consciousness happen in an altogether different way, but to it they are indeed miraculous since they don't depend on any physical processes. As I have said,1 to travel from one place to another there is no need for any means of transport, to feed ourselves it is not necessary to put external things into the body, to dress ourselves we have no need to put on clothes, etc.... The play of forces is the spontaneous expression of Truth and of the true Will, the true vision.

The question remains: for those who have seen and to whom things have happened in this way (like the little child, for example, who was playing with fairies), is it that they enter into this consciousness and then remember when they leave it, or is it that this state really manifests here? For me, this is still a question.

As this experience often happens to people with a simple heart and mind, quite possibly they don't realize that for a while they have lived in another consciousness and in another world and then have come back to an ordinary condition where they remember the other thing. For them, they do not see the difference.


1 Experience of the “Supramental Ship.”








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