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The Mother


Volume 1

October 18, 1957

(Letter to Mother from Satprem)

Pondicherry, October 18, 1957

Sweet Mother,

This evening, you spoke of the possibility of shortening the path of realization to a few months, days or hours. And yesterday, when you talked to me about “the freedom of the body,” you spoke of the experience of the Kundalini, of this “breaking of the lid” that makes you emerge once and for all, above difficulties, into the light.

I need a practical method corresponding to my present possibilities and to results of which I am presently capable. I feel that my efforts are dispersed by concentrating sometimes here, sometimes there – a feeling of not knowing exactly what to do to break through and get out of all this. Would you point out some particular concentration to which I could adhere, a particular method that I would stick to?

I am well aware that a supple attitude is recommended in the Yoga, yet for the time being, it seems to me that one well-defined method would help me hold on1 – this practical aspect would help me. I will do it methodically, obstinately, until it cracks for good.

Your child,

Signed: Satprem


1 This unique method was to be the mantra, as Mother herself would discover.

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