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The Mother


Volume 1

October 7, 1956

I cried towards the Light

and Thou gavest me knowledge.

Z asked me, “Why didn't you stop it?”1 I replied, “Probably because I am not omnipotent!” Then he insisted: “No, that's not it. I make no distinction between your will and the divine will... and I know that you don't either. So why didn't you stop it?”

And suddenly, I understood.

It was because I hadn't thought of it. It hadn't even grazed my consciousness. The divine will is not at all like that, it is not a will: it is a VISION, a global vision, that sees and... No, it does not guide (to guide suggests something outside, but nothing is outside), a creative vision, as it were; yet even then, the word “create” does not here have the meaning we generally attribute to it.

And what is the Ashram? (I don't even mean in terms of the Universe – on Earth only.) A speck. And why should this speck receive exceptional treatment?... Perhaps if people here had realized the supermind. But are they so exceptional as to expect exceptional treatment?...

As Sri Aurobindo says, people see God as a magnified man: he is the Demiurge, Jehovah – what I call the “Lord of Falsehood.”

Arbitrariness. But the Divine is not like that!

People say, “I gave everything, I sacrificed everything. In exchange, I expect exceptional conditions – everything should be beautiful, harmonious, easy.”

But the divine vision is global. The people in the Ashram do not want this strike... but what about the others? They are ignorant, mean, full of ill will, etc., but in their own way they are following a path, and why should they be deprived of the Grace? By the fact that their action is against the Ashram? It is certainly a Grace.

I said that I had not even thought of intervening. When things threatened to turn bad, I simply applied a force so that it wouldn't become too serious.

Complete surrender... It is not a matter of giving what is small to something greater nor of losing one's will in the divine will; it is a matter of ANNULLING one's will in something that is of another nature.

What comes to replace this human will?

A consciousness and a vision. And one is filled with joy and...

I used to be different (although I was said to be non-interfering); I acted, if at all, to defend myself... But I understood very quickly that even this was a reaction of ignorance and that things would be set right automatically if one remained in the true consciousness.

A consciousness that sees and makes you see.

Which is why things go amiss when people try to force me to act: I am outside of myself, so to speak. As soon as I come back here, with no one around, then I see.

I have called for a greater “package” of Grace and asked that the truth of things prevail. We shall see what happens.


1 Mother is referring to a strike by the salaried workers of the Ashram, one of the numerous internal and external difficulties constantly assailing Her.

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