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Ismalun Mirra (nee Pinto)


Mirra Ismalun (18.12.1830 — 12.02.1909) — the Mother’s maternal grandmother.

She was born at 18 Dec. 1830 at Cairo at a family of Egyptian banker Said (Saïd) Pinto (? — 1846) and Anna Cohen (? — 1869). Pinto’s family line runs back to Spain.

At age of 13 (1843) Mira Pinto married at Alexandria to banker Matteo Ismalun. They had nine children: Isaco Di Jabob (Ignace), eldest child, banker (1845, Alexandria – ); Esther (23.10.1846-~ 1906); Elvire (~ 1847, Alexandria — ?); BEY Albert (16.01.1853, Livourne — 1912); Emile (09.04.1854 — 27.04.1915, Le Caire), spinster, no children; Alfred (16.05.1854, Livourne — 26.10.1916, Alexandria); Mathilde (mother of the Mother) (18.12.1857, Alexandria – 1944); Arthur (~1860-?), bachelor, no children; another son, no children.

At 1850 Mira moved to Italy with gouvernante and children. At that time she spoke only Arabic. She made oneself familiar with Italian and French. Travelling Europe she left her older son at Viennese pensionary, the second and the third sons — at Paris college. Daughter Elvira accepted Catholic Church and married to Italian (Melchior SIMONDETTI, consul general d’Italie).




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